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Keyless Theft

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With the increase in sales of vehicles with Keyless technology the rise of vehicle hacking has increased too.

Keyless technology ends the frustration of rooting around to find your keys. Just having your keys in your pocket or bag will open your vehicle on some models. Then the vehicle can be started with a Stop/Start button on the dash. Simple.

Yet with the rise in technology there has been a rise in vehicle thefts through car-hacking. The thieves use radar devices to scan the keys from outside your property and use this to convince your vehicle the keys are close by.

Manchester Evening News reported it as a contributing factor in the 44% rise in car theft in the region in recent years, twice the national average.

So what can you do to make your vehicle harder to take.

There are a number of habits and devices to introduce to enable you to keep your vehicles safe.

Storage of Keys in Metal Containers

Metal is the enemy to these thieves. Store your keys in a metal container, or consider investing in an anti theft wallet. Made to block signal from radio frequency ID scanners, they are a great way to store your keys wherever you are. The wallets are lined with a protective barrier stopping thieves having the opportunity to access your vehicle fobs signal. They can also be used to protect credit cards.  Have a look on Amazon for some very reasonably priced ones.

Steering Wheel and Pedal Box Locks

Designed to deter thieves as it will take them longer to disarm your vehicle, old fashioned locking devices are back. They may have access to open doors and start the ignition, but if they can't turn the wheel or use the pedals, they're going nowhere. Check out Halfords for a number of devices.


They won't stop your vehicle being taken but will help the police to find it faster, maybe even catching the thieves in the process. There are many online retailers but check out Halfords for their recommendations.

Basic Common Sense

Generally try to be more thoughtful and conscious at home.

ALWAYS lock your car at night, no matter how safe you think your street is. It's surprising how many thieves don't actually have to break in to cars, and how much you - or even your kids - will leave in the car when coming into the house, i.e. Tablets, phones.

DON'T leave your keys in the back of your door or close to the doors. Thieves will try doors early evening and if your distracted in another room they only have to reach in and get your keys. Or using hooks through letterboxes so they don't even have to break into your property to get access to your keys.

DON'T take your keys to bed with you. If they are going to break in you don't want them at your bedside to get what they are looking for.

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Posted on 31st October 2018 at 12:00 PM

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